Frequently Asked Questions

What is Multimedia?

Multimedia is derived from two key words. Multi, which is, defined as a combination of two or more media elements and Media which contains media elements such as sound, graphics, images, animation or video or text. It is now considered a generic term basically applied to virtually any modern technology-based products and academic disciplines which utilizes technology. Creative Multimedia is a buzzword used to describe the more visual style of multimedia namely Animation, Motion Graphics, Interactive Media and Web Design.

What are the types of courses available in the Faculty of Multimedia Creativity?

There are 3 main areas of study available in Creative Multimedia: Traditional Animation, Creative Multimedia and Games Design.

I do not know how to draw. Can I still pursue my studies in Multimedia Creativity?

Drawing skills are an advantage. However, during the foundation year, you will be taught drawing techniques and will be able to bring yourself up to a required level.

Animation and Multimedia Design Questions:

What is the Diploma in Animation and Multimedia Design (AMD) about?

The AMD diploma focuses primarily on traditional or classical animation whereby the students are taught the methods, principles and fundamentals of animation. The students are taught drawing techniques as well as a movement or animation cycles in classical animation.

What is classical animation?

Classical Animation is defined as a movement of continuing images with subtle changes to these images so that they would appear to have an illusion of movement. This is what most people would term as frame-by-frame animation. These types are animations are common in older animated movies such as Cinderella and the Sleeping Beauty by Disney.

Will I be learning 3D Animation?

Although 3D animation is considered as animation, it is also a very specialized area of study. We believe in first equipping our students with the fundamentals or knowledge of traditional animation. 3D animation and modeling will only be taught at our BA (Hons) in Animation.

Do I have to draw much? I really dislike drawing.

As this course focuses on traditional or classical animation, you will be spending most if not all of your time drawing or perfecting your animation skills.

Creative Multimedia Questions:

What is the Diploma in Interactive Multimedia Design (IMD) and Advance Diploma of Multimedia (ADOM) about?

Both these courses focus on all aspects of Multimedia Creativity. They prepare the students to basically be all rounded and highly versatile. The 4 major components of these two courses are 3D Animation and Modeling, Web Design, Video and Motion Graphics and Interactive Applications. There are many other components within these two courses, which aids in supplementing the core areas of studies.

What is the difference between interactive multimedia design (IMD) and Advance Diploma of Multimedia (ADOM)?

Although nearly similar in terms of areas of study and objectives, there are several key differences between these two courses:

Advance Diploma of Multimedia:
∙ Offshore program
∙ Moderated by RMIT
∙ Higher Credits ensuring better advance standings into any university
∙ Technical specialist training C emphasized
∙ Higher entrance requirement C 5 credits needed
∙ Advanced Diploma from RMIT (RMIT Transcript)
∙ Opportunity to select a Major Elective thus specializing in a given area
∙ RMIT Lecturers frequently visiting to conduct classes and give feedback

Interactive Multimedia Design:
∙ In-house program
∙ Moderated partly by Swinburne University
∙ Conceptual thinking C emphasized
∙ Lower entry requirement
∙ Diploma awarded by LUCT

Do I have to go to the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) after I graduate to get my advance diploma or degree?

No, you receive the Advanced Diploma by RMIT upon completion of the Advance Diploma of Multimedia course. Furthering your studies/degree in RMIT is optional. However, it is advisable to further pursue your studies and complete the pursuit of knowledge as a professional new media designer.

What is the difference between interactive multimedia design (IMD) and Advance Diploma of Multimedia (ADOM) as opposed to Animation and Multimedia Design (AMD)?

Although both the IMD and ADOM courses teach 2D animation, they are not as detailed nor as frequently practiced as the AMD students. AMD students are considered as highly specialized and trained 2D animators. The 2D animation modules in IMD and ADOM are basically to give the students some basic experience and understanding in traditional animation to prepare them for the 3D animation and modeling modules.

Games Design Questions:

What is the Games Design Diploma about?

As you know nowadays, in order to make an electronic game requires the fusion of three major disciplines: Game Programming, Game Art and Game Design. The Games Design Diploma focuses on game art, design and game-play fundamentals. Students also learn specific tools for creating game graphics from various platforms or game engines.

What is the difference between the Games Design Diploma and the BA of Games Technology?

The BA of Game Technology addresses the programming aspect of game development involving many hours of coding and producing the game engine. Again, Games Design just focuses on the graphical and game-play nature of the game.

How is the job market here? Will I be able to find employment after I graduate?

The games development scene in Malaysia as well as the entire region is growing at a healthy pace. Malaysia already has three companies doing games and dozens more into mobile and casual games.

More companies are going to set up studio here as the cost of game development in the United States and Japan are spiraling and game developers are looking to Asia for new ideas and more competitive pricing.

Bear in mind that the entire games development industry generates more sales/revenue than the combined efforts of the movie box office, books and the music entertainment industry.

Whats so special about the Games Design Course in particular?

The games course has been designed and developed with the consultation of the Malaysian games industry. Graduates are groomed for work in the games industry in mind.